Wine Barrel Furniture and Funky Decor

winebarrelsClassic decor is rapidly ending up being a fashion trend, as we discover lovely and stylish pieces that suit our modern-day tastes or discover terrific deals that simply can not be skipped.

There are lots of various means that a wonderful discover like this can be incorporated into your modern decoration, without removing from the natural appeal or hiding it behind something more contemporary.

Here are five decorating concepts for a vintage wine barrel that are basic and budget-friendly.

1. End Tables

A vintage wine barrel makes a very attractive end table next to a couch, loveseat, or armchair in your living space, and can be a wonderful addition to the living-room, den, or living room. Gently sand and utilize a typical wood stain or paint to enhance the look of the barrel if you wish, but be really cautious not to damage any insignia or mar the bands holding the barrel in shape. Restore the look of the bands with very light sanding and some black paint.

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The worn, weathered look of these tables make them ideal for outdoor use as well. It’s easy to create outdoor living rooms with a sofa and chairs or with a couple of double chaise chaise lounges like the Orbit Lounger.

Cut a barrel in half and create 2 tables if you want and get more for your money. Floor cushions can also be great around an outdoor table for card games, laid back eating arrangements and kids. They are also comfortable and inexpensive. Look for cushion covers that you can remove and wash.

2. Stool-Style Seating

With the addition of a little padding on the seat, a vintage wine barrel makes a special seat for the kitchen area island or in your house’s living area. It is also an excellent seating idea for the outdoors, just make sure that the padding you utilize is geared for outdoor usage before you add it to the vintage wine barrel. Ensure that you determine from the within the lip of the barrel instead of merely stretching the measuring tape across from side to side to guarantee a snug and comfortable fit, then just set the cushion in area on the barrel.

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3. Rainwater Collection

Conserving rainwater runoff can not only be a cost savings and provide nutritious, chemical-free water for your plants, but it can add to the outdoor decor in your yard. Wine barrel rain barrels don’t have to look like ugly water storage tanks.

In fact, just the opposite! They can add charm and character to your patio or backyard, giving it the Napa Valley look of a Spanish villa in the countryside. Some can house planters or fountains on top of the barrel and add lots of beauty and free water while requiring very little maintenance.

And guess what? You can even buy inexpensive wine barrel rain barrels that look like the real thing.

4. Creative Storage

If you cut a hole into the side of the barrel and add some simple shelving, you can produce a special form of storage for any space, and it takes up hardly any area so it is best in smaller spaces or homes.

Use the cutout to make a door for a cabinet appearance, attached by simple depend upon one side. For a wonderful finishing touch, include a vintage cabinet door manage or drawer pull.

5. Custom Sink

Finally, you can create a center of attention for your bathroom, bar location, or even outdoors with your vintage wine barrel. Cut the top of the barrel to hold the sink basin and attach the plumbing hardware, and cut the side of the barrel to create access for including plumbing and for some storage area. For a tougher sink, replace the top of the barrel with plywood or even more long lasting product.